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Cut Fold NZ is excited to announce the arrival of their 20kw laser cutting in early 2023. Experience unprecedented levels of speed and sheet metal processing providing exceptional high quality cutting. Cutting up to 32mm Mild steel plate and 40mm Stainless Steel and Aluminium plate. 




- Supersized cutting bed of 6.2 x 2.6 metres 

- Ability to cut mild steel plate up to 32mm

- Ability to cut up to 40mm stainless steel and aluminium 

- Separate stainless steel bed to avoid cross contamination

- Auto-focus, auto-focal length and spot size adjustment technology 



Wide Range of Cutting Materials 

Cutting materials include but not limited to:

- Mild Steel Plate (G250) 

- G300 Plate

- Grade 350 Plate 

- Core 10 Plate

- Galvanized Plate

- Biz 80 Plate 

- Wear Alloy Plate

- Aluminium Plate

- Stainless Steel PLate



A table showing the plate stocked at Cut Fold NZ

fast turn around times 

Currently offering 3 day turn around times on all laser and plasma cutting 


your one stop shop

Providing laser cutting, plasma cutting, bevel head cutting, pressing and machining Cut Fold NZ is your one stop shop, give our experienced team a call today

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