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Cut Fold NZ Ltd was formed in 2013 by local resident Brain Edwards as Edwards Engineering Services Ltd and re named Cut Fold NZ Ltd in 2017. 


Edwards Engineering Services Ltd has provided cutting and folding since 2013, in 2017 the company decided to separate the cutting and folding business from Edwards Engineering Services Ltd and calling it Cut Fold NZ Ltd. Cut Fold NZ Ltd offers high quality cutting and folding throughout New Zealand. With their WaterJet Cutter (currently unavailable), Plasma Cutter and Brake press they have all the gear for your cutting and folding needs. 



To become a highly recognized cutting and folding company within New Zealand in all aspects within our business.



Our vision is to continue to grow as a business ensuring we meet all our customers' needs; providing them with top quality service, workman ship and a great experience. 




  • Quality  We are 100% committed to high quality workmanship

  • Provide a safe workplace  We are committed to providing a safe workplace for our staff and always updating procedures due to the help of Hazardco

  • Honest and reliable We are committed to an honest relationship with all our customers and endeavor to complete all projects on time 

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